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Are you suffering from gingival recessions? Take the self-test here.

Take the self-test and answer the following 11 questions here. Your answers will not be registered by us.



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Prevention of gingival recessions

Optimising oral hygiene at home as well as regular check-ups with a professional dental cleaning at the dentist’s office and giving up tobacco products are […]


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Therapy of gingival recessions

The reduction of possible influencing factors and the optimisation of oral hygiene at home are the first step in the therapy of gingival recessions. Further, the denuded […]


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Diagnosis of gingival recessions

The diagnosis of gingival recession is made in the dentist’s office. This is the only way to have the health of the gums properly assessed. In addition […]


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Consequences of gingival recessions

The consequences of gingival recessions are the exposure of the tooth root, which can lead to hypersensitive teeth, worn tooth necks or even tooth decay. Furthermore, those […]


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Causes of gingival recessions

The most common cause of gingival recessions is an incorrect tooth brushing technique, when frequent scrubbing injures the gum line. In addition, known risk factors […]

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